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My name is LaDonna and my husband (Joe and I) discovered a little pug puppy named Lulu about 14 years ago and instantly fell in love.l
My love of pugs began about 14 years ago when I was introduced to a little pug puppy and instantly fell in love. Soon after I acquired my first of many wonderful pugs. I had finally found my calling! My husband and I live on a small farm in Northwest Arkansas and work construction together which allows me to be home when we are getting ready to have puppies as pug Moms generally do not whelp on their own. They are great Moms after that... 
I have always been around dogs, cats, horses, animals of all kinds but there is something very special and unique about pugs. This journey has allowed me to make many new friends over the years all across the United States, Alaska and Canada. Seeing new pics of my kids absolutely makes my day.
I do not give breeding rights to any buyer. I also do not sell to any homes where the puppy will be left alone for long periods. Pug puppies and any puppy for that matter needs a lot of attention.   

Shipping Info

We love when new owners are able to pick up their puppies here, although in many cases it is just not feasible. Shipping is an additional $275 and I make all arrangements that are agreeable to both parties. We try to use ground transportation as much as possible, sometimes we have to fly and there are many restrictions for this service.  
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